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What It takes To Be a GREAT Pinterest VA

Are you looking for a new career? Do you love pinning on Pinterest? Learn the 6 things you need to be a great Pinterest VA.

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Are you looking for a new career path? Do you love being on Pinterest? Do you know that you can get paid pinning on Pinterest?

Yes! Pinterest is not just for inspiration for your dinner ideas or party planning. You can actually make a whole new career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and eventually as a Pinterest Manager. If you feel like managing other VAs, you can also build a Pinterest management agency. The sky is the limit.

Can you imagine a new YOU where you do what you love and have the flexibility to do it from anywhere in the world?

Why Become a Pinterest VA

Pinterest Virtual Assisting is a booming niche. A lot more of business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to Pinterest to grow their business.

When they posts on other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, they may reach only a fraction of their followers. But, when they post on Pinterest, their pins tend to have longer life and they have the potential to reach more people if their Pinterest and pinning strategies are well-optimized.

They are learning that Pinterest can be a powerhouse of traffic source for their businesses.

Pinterest itself is seeing massive growth within their company. They have recently gone public and they keep improving their platform performance. Now, with the video and promoted pin features, they are getting more sophisticated to reach Pinterest users who are ready to purchase.

As a Pinterest VA/ manager, you help these business owners to achieve their marketing goals with your Pinterest knowledge. If you choose to specialize on Pinterest, you have a highly-sought after skills.

Learn a new career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.What will make a good Pinterest VA?

If you’re starting from scratch and wondering if you have what it takes, here are some traits that will help you in becoming a GREAT Pinterest VA:

1. You have an undying LOVE of Pinterest.

You can’t live without Pinterest. It’s probably the app you check first thing when you wake up in the morning and it’s your go-to app to kill time waiting on the grocery line or the doctor’s office. Bedtime won’t be complete without scrolling what’s new on your feed for tomorrow night dinner idea. You LOVE curating pretty pictures.

2. You are organized and you manage your time well.

You will, among other things, have to keep up with keeping pins to different boards and tribes. Most likely, spreadsheet will become your best friends. You know how to manage yourself and your time well. As a Pinterest VA/manager, you will have different clients on a roster to make a full time income. Your excellent organization skills will come handy.

3. You have a knack for creating beautiful designs.

If you don’t have the skills now, you are willing to learn. I don’t have the pin design skills before I started my journey. But, I did design wedding cakes and sugar showpiece on my previous career. I love coming up with beautiful designs. This was the major draw for me when I decided if Pinterest virtual assisting was for me or not.

You might have similar skills you can translate into Pin design. Even if you don’t, you can learn anything new from scratch.

4. You are a number geek.

Yes. Pinterest virtual assisting is not just about pretty pictures. You need to love digging into the pin metrics to see which pins are performing well. At the end of the month, you also need to study the analytics to measure your clients’ Pinterest growth, relay that information to your clients and prove how your Pinterest marketing efforts are helping grow their business.

5. You have the drive to success no matter what comes your way.

I am not going to lie to you. As like other starting-your-own-business ideas, you will face challenges in getting this Pinterest virtual assisting off the ground. You need to master:
– the technical aspects of Pinterest (and its algorithm changes)
– the know-how to land your first client (and the next ones till you’re fully booked and you can leave your 9-5 jobs)
– the legalities of running your own business (i.e. how to invoice your clients, how much to charge for your services, etc.)
– the art of motivating yourself when you don’t see progress as quickly as you had hoped

6. You have the right training to become a Pinterest VA.

Yes, you can DIY into becoming a Pinterest VA with piecing together free information from articles that are floating around on the web.

Quite honestly, those articles can be outdated pretty quickly even if the articles are dated less than a year ago. Pinterest is an ever-changing platform that loves to keep us on our toes.

You need the right training where you can get your specialized Pinterest knowledge base and at the same time keep up with its algorithm changes without having to shell out more dough on your part.

The best training that I have found so far is the Become Pinterest VA TODAY! course. In this course, you get the whole 9 yards in mastering Pinterest, building a Pinterest VA business, and keeping up with the changes.

Learn more why I love the Become A Pinterest VA Today course!

Learn why Become A Pinterest VA TODAY! course is the best training out there to be the highly in demand Pinterest VA.

How do you do with the checklist requirement on becoming a GREAT Pinterest VA?

Do you have a lot of the qualities needed?

Even if you don’t and you want to try something completely new, I’d say dip your toe in it. Sometimes we never know if we don’t try. Check out this FREE WOORKSHOP on How To Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Client. 

I never in a million year planned on becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I studied Mathematics and build a career as a Pastry Chef on my previous job. But, life happened and I had to figure out a way to make money online. I gave Pinterest VA a try and now Pinterest is my jam.

Are you ready to start your new career?

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How To Be A Great Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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