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How To Utilize Pinterest To Get FREE Traffic

Learn how to utilize Pinterest to bring you FREE traffic. Case Study.

Pinterest Case Study

Pinterest is a massive powerhouse in its potential to bring traffic to your site. Do you know that there are 250+ million active users on Pinterest per month? Half of those come from the US. That means if you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur, you have a HUGE potential audience on the platform.

The following is a 2-week case study to give you a glimpse of Pinterest as a potential traffic source for your business.

This is a case study with a Pinterest account in the Food niche. This client had reached 1M Pinterest view, but she was having trouble translating that back to actual traffic to her site.

The first week, I did an audit to her blog, Pinterest and Tailwind accounts.

Some of the key issues I found were:

  1. Not having a clear pinning strategy
  2. Pinning small rectangle pins that are easily ignored by her audience
  3. Not having descriptive texts on the pins

Below is a picture of her Pinterest feed in the beginning.

Pinterest feed before the case study

As you can see, the pins I circled had huge impressions – these pins were showing up A LOT on people’s feeds. But, they were easily ignored because of their small size.

Maybe they were pinned before the massive Pinterest changes in the beginning of the year. But, right now, Pinterest favors long, vertical pins over the small rectangular pins.

The vertical apple pie pin was the right size, but it didn’t have descriptive texts on it.

So, I created 16 new, eye-catching vertical pins for her and pinning them with my strategy starting the second week of this case study.

Here’s how her Pinterest feed looked like afterwards:

Pinterest feed after the case study

As you can see, even in a short amount of time, the pins were doing so much better that the original pins. They were being saved and bringing traffic back to her site. Wouldn’t you rather click on these pins if you see them as you’re scrolling your feed?

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Here are more graphs to showcase the changes if you want to dig more into the analytics.

Top Pin Impression Analytics for Pinterest Case Study

Click through analytics for Pinterest case study

Note: If you’re concerned about the graph starting a downward trend after the highest point, don’t be. Pinterest analytics goes up and down all the time. There are lots of factors contributing to that – changing your current strategy, Pinterest algorithm change (and they like to change things up A LOT), the holiday season (Nov 22 happened to be Thanksgiving Day, so people were spending time with their family instead of online), etc.


Having huge Pinterest view doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t translate to click backs to your site.

Just by making changes to these 3 key issues, we manage to see some tangible results. It will take time for the new pins to gain momentum, but the results in a week showcase a great potential.

Of course, there are lots of other factors that contribute to the success of a Pinterest marketing effort, such as having a great profile & relevant boards rich with keywords, joining relevant group boards, following influencers and having an effective pinning strategy.

And Pinterest is a long game. Think of Pinterest as a marathon rather than a sprint. But, if you set up the right foundation, the pins on Pinterest live forever. Unless you change your domain, the pins will keep on circulating in the Pinterest universe and bringing you traffic on autopilot. If you have monetized your site, your income will grow as your traffic grows.

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Pinterest Case Study on how to utilize Pinterest to get you FREE traffic

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