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How I Make Money From Home As A Pinterest VA


Working on laptop as a Pinterest VA

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Have you ever wondered on how to make money from home?

Maybe you’re:
– a stay-at-home mom who wants to be able to support the family’s finances while taking care of your kids at home
– a college student who just wants to earn some extra money
– someone who has been recently let go from your office job and want to replace your income online

We’re lucky that we live in an era where online jobs are becoming the norm. But, it doesn’t mean that finding legitimate online job is a piece of cake.

Sure, online surveys are abundant. But, do you really want to reveal your personal info/lifestyle just to make a few bucks?

There are also lots of scams going on in the online world. Sometimes they even come from a seemingly legitimate company offering you a job opportunity.

My Own Journey in Making Money From Home

My own journey in making it online has been a long road. 3 years ago, I lost the life that I had built for 16 years and I had to move to the other side of the world.

I had built a career as a pastry chef. Unfortunately, where I am right now, it’s not feasible for me to continue on this path.

I started blogging both as a way to deal with my loss and to find a way to earn money online. Have you ever seen those articles about how you can make $10,000 a month blogging? I can’t deny that piqued my interest.

The first year of my blogging journey was a huge learning curve. I wasn’t very tech and social media savvy. Up until then, I only used Facebook to post hiking pictures.

A year later, I had learned how to build a website, write articles, manage a blog and learn affiliate marketing.

At the same time, I came across Become A Pinterest VA Today! Course. Becoming a Pinterest VA intrigued me. The platform is very visual and I love creating beautiful designs. It seemed like a very good option to utilize my creativity.

A couple months after I took the course, Pinterest had a huge overhaul on its platform. (I think it was in early 2018.) Things became really frustrating when most of the time I couldn’t even upload pins.

Needless to say, my 1-year blog subscription was almost up, and I still wasn’t making consistent money. I was tired of being cooped up in a room all day long and my back was hurting for sitting down way too much. So, I decided to give up blogging.

Maybe online work was not for me.

I decided to apply for a pastry position in a cruise ship. After spending 6 months of taking care the paperwork, it fell through at the last moment. I couldn’t pass the medical test to be cleared to join the ship simply because I had a genetic trait that caused me to have lower hemoglobin level in my blood.

I had been healthy all my life. My visits to the hospital could be count with my 10 fingers. I had run around a kitchen all day long for 7 years. Having a medical issue was the last thing I would expect.

Have you ever been in a season of life where EVERYTHING just doesn’t work out for you?!

So, here I am back in the online world.

I started this blog, revived my Pinterest account and went over Become Pinterest VA Today! course again.

This time failure is not an option. I have to make it work!

I’m going to hit my 6 month in going full force on Pinterest virtual assisting/management soon, and I am happy to say that I have started getting solid clients.

Lessons on Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If the idea of being a Pinterest virtual assistant intrigues you, I want to encourage you on your journey.

Maybe you’ve been using Pinterest for a while to find recipes for dinner or inspirations for your child’s party. You must have seen all those pins about people replacing their full-time income from home with Pinterest.

I want to say, “Yes, it is possible to make money from home utilizing your love of Pinterest.”

It’s not going to be an easy road. But, it is possible. I am a living proof of that.

So, here are my lessons on becoming a Pinterest VA:

1. If you need to build your Pinterest skills, consider taking Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! course.

Before taking the course, I have purchased Pinterest Ninja eBook by Megan Johnson and Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. Both are great, affordable Pinterest eBooks to learn some blogging and Pinterest strategies.

But, if you’re thinking about offering Pinterest management service,  Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! course gives you a full road map to be successful in the field.

  Spring Open Enrollement April 7-10, 2020

Learn how to monetize your love of Pinterest to build a new online career as a Pinterest Virtual AssistantIt will teach you the basics and advanced Pinterest skills (from creating a solid foundation for your clients’ Pinterest account, how to design click-worthy pins, how to schedule on Tailwind, etc.), how to build, market and scale your business.

The best part, you have a lifetime access to the course. So, you can go at your own pace, and when they update the course to reflect Pinterest changes (which happen A LOT!), you are always up-to-date with the current best Pinterest strategies.

The course is only open 2 times a year in Spring and Fall. You’re in luck because enrollment is open to public now from April 7-10, 2020. Check it out!

If you’re hesitant about enrolling, try the FREE WORKSHOP on How To Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Land Your First Client first.

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2. Practice on your own blog/Pinterest account

It is preferable if you have your own blog so you can practice the skills you are learning in the course.

If you don’t, ask to manage a friend’s Pinterest account. You can also go on Facebook groups and offer to do an internship or a short trial period in exchange for testimonial.

I did several arrangements like that even though I had been practicing on my own blog for almost 1.5 years.

It gave me confidence to put myself out there and a chance to work on a variety of niches.

3. Pitch a lot

You are going to pitch a lot before you land a solid client. At times, it can be discouraging, and it can seem like you’re wasting your time when you don’t hear anything back or when the leads don’t turn into paying clients.

But, with every pitch you are perfecting how you present yourself to the clients and how you can bring value to the table.

Personalize your pitch. Research about the clients and their businesses before you send that email. Most often than not, they’re going to receive plenty of applications. Find a way to stand out.

A lot of people create a video pitch to include on their email pitches. I, for one, will (probably) never go in front of the camera myself. So, I created an animation video about my Pinterest management services. I notice that I get a better response rate when I am pitching. Plus, it looks pretty cool on my Facebook page. 🙂

4. Don’t give up

No matter how long it’ll take you to land that first client, don’t give up. The first one will always be the hardest. It took me months before I had my first paying client.

Keep at pitching and keep working on your Pinterest skills while waiting to land that first client. It’ll get easier. I promise.

5. Join a supporting community

Working online can be lonely. Find a community to support and encourage you.

The Pinterest Post is a private Facebook group especially for Become A Pinterest VA Today! students. It’s subscription based, but it is worth it. They post high quality client leads and if you have any question or encounter problems, you can post in the group and get some answers quickly.

If you’re short on budget, look for other free Facebook groups that offer similar kind of support and encouragement. You don’t have to go through this journey alone.

Well, those are some of the life and business lessons I have learned on this journey of becoming a Pinterest VA. I hope that this article inspires you.

If you have been looking for ways on how to make money from home and you love Pinterest, this might be the right choice for you.

I wish you all the success in life!

‘Till Next Time…

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How I work Online As A Pinterest VA

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