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How I Grew A New Pinterest Account by 1000% In A Month

Learn how to utilize Pinterest to bring you FREE traffic. Case Study.

If you’re a new blogger, growing your Pinterest account can be challenging. You must have heard by now that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your blog or any online business. You might have a few articles on your blog, but you’re wondering if it’s worth it to start your Pinterest Business account now. Will you have enough pins to start with?

The answer to that is a resounding “Yes”.

Even if you only have 5 articles now, it is a good idea to start your account as soon as possible. It will take a while for a new account to grow. There are lots of foundational stuffs that you need to put in place for your success on Pinterest. You want your account ready for you when you’re going full throttle in growing your business.

Pinterest Case Study

I had the privilege of working on growing a fairly new account this past month. The Pinterest account had been started with a good number of personal boards. We started with around 8K monthly views and only about 5 articles to work with.

By the end of the month, the account Audience had grown to 93K. That is a 1,005% growth. Not a bad stat at all.

Here are the complete Pinterest Stats:

Pinterest Profile — The views the pins get on Pinterest

Audience — People that see the pins and act on the pinsWebsite Activity

The website was not claimed on Pinterest till around mid-January. Since there are only 5 articles to work with, I have limited amount of pins to distribute that link back to the website. But, this is good to start with.

If you are new in blogging, create 2 or 3 different versions of pins for your articles. That way you still have something to work with.

So, what did I do to grow this account?

The basics:

  1. Setup great profile + profile description
  2. Make sure you have RELEVANT personal boards with great descriptions
  3. Design Pinterest-worthy pins
  4. Keyword research for all of the above (Profile + Boards + Pins)
  5. Join Group Boards + Tribes
  6. Pinning consistently

Before you start anything, do your research for the keywords that you want to rank for. Long tail keywords are best. Then, put them in your profile, boards and pin text overlays and descriptions.

After you setup your profile and board, claim your website on Pinterest. It’ll provide you analytics of the pins that come from your site, so you’ll know what your popular posts are.

Also, enable rich pins. They provide extra information on your pins that can encourage people to learn more about it. But the most important reason of all, when you update info on your posts (like your URL or title), it’ll automatically update your pin with new info. This is good to prevent broken links.

Another thing that I learned while working on this project, Wix doesn’t support rich pin. So, if you’re on Wix, you can’t take advantage of this feature. You might want to switch to WordPress.

Next, you are ready to design Pinterest-worthy pins for your articles. Pinterest favors vertical images. Use the 2:3 ratio when designing pins. The current recommended pin size (as of late 2018) is 600 x 900. But, you can also get by with pin length up to 1102 without being cutoff on the bottom.

About group boards, do you still need them?

Group boards might not be all the rage nowadays. But, when you’re just starting out and low in followers, group boards are a good way to get in front of more people.You’ll also have more options to distribute your pins to without overwhelming your personal boards.

Find high quality group boards that are RELEVANT to your niche and have smaller number active of contributors. This is better than large, general group boards who are inactive. Use PinSprout to find high quality boards.

For this account, I applied to 5 group boards and got accepted to 2.

Tailwind tribes are easier to find and get accepted to. Your monthly Tailwind subscription comes with 5 tribes and 30 monthly submissions. If you’re just starting out, this is plenty to utilize.

Finally, you are ready to pin! Pinterest loves consistency. To help with that you can use Tailwind. It is the only scheduler approved by Pinterest.

You can setup a whole month of schedule if you want to and forget about it. It makes your pinning consistent, and Tailwind will tell you the best time to pin when your audience is the most active.

If you don’t want to pay for the scheduler, you can do manual pinning. This is actually an experiment that I am doing with my own account. I’ll tell you how it goes on another case study.

If you’ve never noticed it before, you can also schedule pins on Pinterest now. It is a bit limited in functionality now. But, every little bit helps, right?

This is what the Pinterest scheduler looks like:

That’s basically what you need to start running and growing a Pinterest account from scratch. Of course, there’s more to it in terms of pinning strategies, how to design pins that people want to click through, etc.

But, just with the basic knowledge I’ve outlined above, you can get started on Pinterest and see good results.

I’ve done all of the above for this new account. Studying the analytics, I can say that one of the biggest contributing factors for its growth is the Tailwind Tribes.

Here’s the pins’ performance on Tribes:

Out of the 5 tribes that I joined, 3 tribes performed really well. I’m not saying the other 2 tribes are bad. The success of your pins depends on your pin designs and how relevant they are to the tribe members’ niche, so they are willing to re-share and repins.

But, you do want to evaluate which tribes perform well and which ones don’t. You can always leave an under-performing tribe and find a new one to join.


There are lots of things to do to setup a successful Pinterest account. So, even if you’re a new blogger with a few articles written, it is never too early to set up your account. It is possible to see some good results in a month.

Pinterest is a long game though. Keep on it and one day you will reap the benefits of having a viral pin that can send passive traffic to your blog.

If you ever need help in growing your Pinterest account, check out my Work With Me page and give me a shout.

‘Till next time

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How I grew a new Pinterest account by 1000% in a month



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      Thanks for visiting, Sarah! I’m glad it inspires you!

  2. Amazing share, Herlina. Learned some secret tactics and going to use them to grow my Pinterest account.

    Keep writing such amazing articles.


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      Thanks for visiting, Brandon. I’m glad you can learn something from it!

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