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Hi There!

I’m Herlina, the gal behind Rise Pin Slay. This site is my journey in RISING out of adversity, building a PINterest management business and SLAYing in life.

RISING out of adversity

At one point or another in our lives, each of us is going to face challenges that can knock us down and question everything we know about life – a job loss, losing a loved one, getting diagnosed with cancer, or whatever it may be.

When we are in the middle of the storm, it is hard to see how this trial is for our benefits.

I lost the life that I had built for 16+ years. It has been a long, uphill battle to get into a place where I can feel that life is INDEED good.

Here you will find some stories of rising up from adversity. If you have come across my first blog, Making LOL, you might have read some stories. I let my first blog go when I thought I would be offline for a very long time. I didn’t even keep a backup of all the articles I had written. So, some articles might re-surface here.

Yes, I gave up on my first blog. There I said it. Thinking about it now though, I feel like kicking myself in the rear (if you know what I mean).

But, it’s part of overcoming challenges, isn’t it?

A little tidbits from my former life:

  • My greatest pleasure is playing with the babies on Sunday mornings at church.
  • I had a degree in Mathematics, Culinary Arts and Management — all from US colleges.
    Yellow JacketsMy management degree is from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. I’m never much a fan of any college game, but hey, “Go Yellow Jackets!!”
  • I worked as a professional Pastry chef for 7 years, and I love to create beautiful wedding cakes and chocolate or sugar showpieces.
    Sample of my cakes from my profesional chef-ing years
  • I love the great outdoors. My Atlanta peeps introduced me to the fun and pleasure of taking long walk in the woods, white water rafting and rock climbing.

PINterest Management Services

This is my something new – building my Pinterest marketing business.

Even though the business itself is new (I started it in Nov 2018), I have learned about blogging and Pinterest for almost 2 years now. So, I do know have in-depth knowledge of Pinterest.

I took a Kristin & Gina’s Become A Pinterest VA Today and I have read lots of Pinterest books (among other things Megan Johnson’s Pinterest Ninja and Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies). I have also practiced the strategies I learned on my own blog and others.

Check out my Work With Me page, if you need help with utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic back to your site.

Here on the blog, I am going to share articles on Pinterest marketing and how to make it online. The major shift in my life due to my trial is figuring out how to succeed online.

If you are looking to break away from your 9-5 job or if you are interested in location independent lifestyle, come along the journey. I will share the lessons I have learned in my blogging journey and how to utilize Pinterest to your advantage.

SLAYing in life

You will also find inspirational posts about life, success, personal development and travel. So, let’s SLAY in life.

Life is supposed to be fun. Well-being and abundance are our birth rights – no matter who you are or where you are from.

If you’re facing adversity, trust that greater things are ahead of you. Let go of the past and start your new thing.

Trust the magic of new beginning.

Rise. Pin. Slay.

With love,


Trust The Magic of New Beginning