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Month: June 2019

11 Pinterest Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Reach in 2019

Blog header pinning mistakes on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a powerhouse of traffic source for your blog or business website. With over 250M active users from all over the world each month, they are actively looking for new ideas to try, what to buy or solutions to their problems.

Unlike other social media platforms, pinners have buyers intent. These are some amazing statistics about Pinterest users you need to consider:

77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.
98% report trying new things they had find on Pinterest.
82% of weekly pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest.


With that said, pinning blindly won’t get you anywhere in getting people to click through to your site and potentially buy from you.

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What to Pin on Pinterest in June

Blog header Pinterest trends in JuneSummer is here! Do you have an exciting vacation plan coming up?

In the Pinterest universe, however, summer means the seasonal slump in traffic for lots of business Pinterest accounts. This is normal since people are vacationing and less people spend time on the internet.

If you’re utilizing Pinterest to market your business, the roller coaster ride is what makes it exciting, no?!

Don’t I know about those sinking feelings watching the analytics taking a nose dive? Or the elated feelings when it’s going up even just a tiny bit? (Haha… I know I should refrain from checking the Pinterest analytics for my clients’ every single day!!)

Fear not! Even though it’s summer in the United States and lots of people are vacationing, people are still searching Pinterest for graduation, weddings, travel plans and the likes. It’s also good to note that 50% of Pinterest users are international users. So, your potential audience is still out there scrolling Pinterest feeds.

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